A technology company that has demonstrated outstanding innovation, customer wins and deployments in the last 18 months, in which a woman was integral to that success.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan – founder and CEO of Drawbridge
Caroline Oldham – Founder of Biteappy
Reyna Carrasco Co-Founder of SmartPhoneRecords

We’re rapidly moving into a world with billions of connected devices, all talking to each other. With appliances and systems being able to ‘talk’, the best entrants in this category will give an exciting glimpse into this connected future.


Entertainment apps represent a huge chunk of revenue for brands and developers alike. Entrants in this category need to offer a compelling user experience, sleek functionality and a fair chunk of innovation to blow users away and supercharge engagement.

Viacom International Media Networks – Nickelodeon App
Genera Games
Viacom International Media Networks – MTV
Sky Deutschland

While plenty is written about the front-facing and design elements of apps, the unsung heroes tend to be the folks formulating the technology behind it. Well not anymore. Get your entry in for Best App Technology today.

Mars Spiders
Dublin Airport Authority

The winner of this award will be an organisation that has implemented a FinTech product or service that demonstrates outstanding innovation. As well as contributing to the advancement of technology within the sector, the innovation will have been seen to benefit both the organisation and its customers.

Mubaloo & Equiniti – Pension Solutions Compendia App
Call Levels
Post Office/ First Rate Exchange Services Ltd

This award examines out of the box, left field app development and creation. Nominees in this category should have a product which aims to turn the game on its head with an enterprising solution to a real world problem.

London’s Air Ambulance and Mubaloo – Dispatch App
Post Office/ First Rate Exchange Services Ltd

It’s certainly a tough environment trying to keep your head above water without the financial clout of a gaming publisher, striving for the best design and playability possible. This award recognises all that hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Is your gaming app ahead of the pack?

Aversion App
Pixel Squad Ltd
Fat Fish Games Limited

It’s a busy market to try and launch an app. This award will celebrate the success that a particular startup has seen with a new exciting.

Mark Kanji of Loyalive
Pocket Sergeant

Triumph over adversity, outstanding work in the world of app development, problem solving, firefighting, innovation, success and flying the flag for developers everywhere. This award rolls everything into one.

Rocket Rainbox
B60 Apps

This category recognises talented of particular individual or team from the worlds of digital innovation and technology.

Mubaloo – Tom Hallam
Motion Stride Team
Mark Kanji of Loyalive

The Appsters Champion represents the best of the best. An organization, individual or team who are truely leading the way when it comes to creating an exciting app ecosystem.

Fliplet Enterprise App Team
Vlad Enache the Founder and Developer of Ignite
DimSum Team

Apps have been revolutionising the enterprise, improving office productivity and employee happiness. This award is for the app which makes a BYOD policy worthwhile, gives sales managers peace of mind and CEOs greater profit.

Toolbox Group
Mubaloo & Hanson – The Hanson Arvensis iPad

Does your creation deliver a life-changing value add or represent a crucial information portal to an infinitely grateful consumer user base? Are consumers downloading and benefiting from your app in droves? If so, apply today.

Viacom International Media Networks – Nickelodeon App